Advisorbox Match is our advisor matchmaking service where interested sellers and advisor recruits are introduced to qualified firms seeking to hire and/or acquire. We help match advisors, navigate terms, provide business valuations, consulting throughout the process, and consummate the transition. Our activity pulls from the Recruiter Network, Exchange and our Bracketbox system.



Free For Advisors


Acquisition Membership


Recruiting Membership

We provide free matchmaking, advisory and turnkey services to advisors who are looking to:

Change firms or broker dealer

  • Hear about the industry recruiting options and deals available
  • Learn about transition packages, terms, platform, culture and nuances
  • Receive executive summaries of various recruiting firm value propositions

Sell all or part of your business

  • Your business is in high demand
  • Practices currently going for top multiples
  • Valuation, matching, advisory and business brokerage 

Merge then sell

  • Receive down payment and stay on with a salary
  • Note goes into force when you’re ready to retire
  • Ideal for clients, retention and ease of exit  

Maximize 5, 10, 15 year succession strategies

  • Potentially earn millions more for retirement
  • Sunset plans robbing advisors of billions
  • Your advisory business can fund your retirement

We provide matchmaking, advisory
and turnkey services to firms seeking to hire and/or acquire through our tailored membership services.

Acquire a financial practice

  • We match sellers and provide turnkey advisory to our qualified members
  • Consultative approach with currently 3:1 buyer to seller ratio
  • Monthly webcasts, whitepapers and articles on M&A best practices  

Merger acquisition

  • Buy business, make down payment, merge into yours, integrate new clients
  • Keep seller advisor employed for a couple of years and maximize retention

When advisor retires the note kicks in

Partial book acquisition

  • Buy portions of an advisor’s assets and client base
  • Create buy out schedule in book increments
  • Variety of types and size books available

We provide matchmaking, advisory
and turnkey services to firms seeking to hire and/or acquire through our tailored membership services.

Hire a tuck-in advisor

  • Value proposition consulting and construction
  • Sharing quality recruiting value propositions with local producing advisors
  • Supporting you and the advisor through the recruiting lifecycle

Advisor affiliation

  • We inform and help advisors evaluate broker dealer options
  • Share options with advisors, make introductions and support lifecycle
  • Producing advisors with portable books looking for a better broker dealer

Hire a non-producing Advisor

  • We support career options for internal sales, service, back office and support advisors
  • Fully licensed advisors without a current book of business
  • Both registered reps and investment advisors

Hire new staff

  • Turnkey recruiting for all positions related to an advisory business or broker dealer
  • Sourcing, screening, introductions and work with you and the advisor through recruiting lifecycle

Assistant, Analyst, Operations Manager, Business Development

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