Match Membership


Our standard services are free of charge to advisors looking to sell, merge or move. While we regularly serve advisors seeking to sell, merge or move firms in the near term, we foster relationships with thousands of advisors who will be looking to do so in the next few years.

Advisorbox generates revenues through a membership and success program. Our members consist of qualified advisors/firms seeking to acquire and/or recruit. Membership fees help augment some of our costs for administration, sourcing and marketing. We also charge our members a competitive success fee for deals closed.

Advisorbox introduces hundreds of advisors monthly to our member firms. We serve advisors with a host of solutions who are considering selling all or part of their business, merging then selling, or moving to a different firm or broker dealer (either directly or through tuck-in recruiting options).

When an advisor is ready, we introduce and match the advisor with the appropriate acquisition and recruiting options exclusively offered by our membership. We help the advisor through consideration, introduction and due diligence, and then support the advisor throughout the acquisition or recruiting lifecycle.

Membership is provided at a tremendous value to assist our members in maintaining an affordable, long-term relationship strategy with Advisorbox. We’re adding members who are patient and focused on acquisition and/or recruiting success over time, rather than how many “leads” are generated in a particular month.

Membership includes:

  • Buyer profile on our site viewable by sellers and/or an Executive Summary sent to interested advisor recruits
  • An opportunity to get your value proposition in front of advisors seeking to sell, merge or move
  • Introduction, matchmaking, advisory and support throughout acquisition and/or recruiting lifecycle
  • Competitive success fees