While white papers are helpful, we know they can be a bit boring and quickly becomes outdated. The Advisorbox BluePaper “blue-up” the white paper format. Our BluePapers are segmented by categories and we regularly updateso every version is always the current version.  See our helpful BluePapers

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The Directory is a free vendor resource for advisors. Advisors can search 25 categories to find 200 (and counting) quality vendors providing product and service solutions for financial advisors.  Click Here.


The Recruiter Network is a network of recruiting professionals from independent third-party advisor recruiting firms and corporate recruiting professionals from select broker dealers and custodians. This network provides and expansive framework to support additional advisors with selling or transitioning to another firm. 


Our purpose is our name.

If you’re a Financial Advisor in need of a business loan, you’re the reason we exist.

AdvisorLoans provides Financial Advisors with turnkey conventional, SBA, and “ Enhancement Agreement” lending services. We have a strong network of Lenders interested in providing our qualified advisor borrowers with cash flow based business loans.

AdvisorLoans is the advisor’s advocate and liaison in achieving the best type of loan, rates and terms. We provide free consultations, pre-qualify, collect loan documents, package the loan, and match you with the best lender(s) for your needs. We then support you throughout the process, including loan closing and post closing.


Hey Buyers, we created an Acquisition Transition & Retention Time Cost Calculator just for you

It can be a jolt for unprepared buyers how much time is required in transitioning and retaining acquired clients, especially the time involved in the first 12 months.

Client retention is considered the most critical aspect of an acquisition for most buyers. Many of the buyers we work with who are trying to figure out their acquisition strategy haven’t thought about the post-acquisition investment as much as the pre-acquisition investment.   

So what will the cost of the acquisition cost you in time?

Advisorbox created a free calculator for advisors to use to find out.

Go to our calculator to determine the average meetings per work day you’ll be having in the first 12 months after an acquisition. See what combining your current client base with a newly acquired client base impacts your total client time allocation.

We invite you to bookmark the link so when you have an acquisition you are considering you’ll be able to calculate the time cost invested in transitioning and retaining the clients acquired.

Go to: Acquisition Transition & Retention Time Cost Calculator


Career Notifications

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