Selling & Succession

Advisorbox provides turnkey solutions for advisors looking to sell all of their practice now or incrementally over time. We help both independent advisors implement succession options and exit strategies as well as brokers to sell into the independent side instead of sunsetting.

We believe that unlocking the equity in your practice and fulfilling your exit strategy can often be as much an emotional decision as it is a financial one. Finding the right successor with the values, competency and cultural match for the clients you've spent a career developing, is essential for a truly successful transition.

There is a lot to consider when selling and sellers have a lot of questions. We start of with a consultation conversation to learn about your practice, preferences and retirement timeline. We’ll share what we are seeing in the industry’s M&A landscape and the services we offer.

When you’re ready to begin we’ll navigate the process with you through valuation, seller matchmaking, deal, and closing.

We invite you to have fun with our valuation estimate calculator and to check out our Seller & Succession BluePaper. We regularly add content to this BluePaper but our current topics are: