Succession Planning & Action

The key to ideal succession planning is to create a strategy which allows you to transfer your practice and protect the interests of everyone involved. The most obvious parties to keep in mind are: your clients, your staff and your family.

If retirement or an incremental reduction in your workload is likely in the next ten years, it's time to develop a succession plan. Advisorbox can help tailor the perfect solution for your unique succession plan.

Put simply, succession planning is the process of preparing to transfer your client relationships to a successor. The financial practice you've built and the client relationships you've managed have quantifiable value that other advisors are prepared to pay a premium for. If you would prefer to groom your successor through recruitment, you can use Advisorbox to connect with an advisor who will become your eventual replacement.

Similar to an insurance policy, succession planning can help navigate the unknown. Should an unplanned death or disability occur, the value and stability of your practice would be on the line. Planning now will allow you to maximize the value of your practice in the long run, and plan for when you are ready to capitalize on your practice equity. Succession planning is a thoughtful and responsible undertaking that you, your family and your clients will be thankful for.

Advisorbox provides solutions for:

  • Succession Consulting and Planning
  • Maximizing Practice Valuation
  • Exit Strategies
  • Successor Evaluation and Recruiting
  • Regulations and Requirements
  • Taxes and Estate Planning
  • Plan Implementation